What is a website?

By definition is a set of statistic pages under a domain name typically produce for business or other interests. This collection of related material running simultaneously seeks to provide your business with reach and future buyers.

When you develop a website for your company there are a few things you should know first. The type of website that you need depends on the purpose of your company. There are 4 different types of e-commerce websites. Before this, you need to know what model of business you want to run, for that you can read this article.

Types of websites

The main goal of the websites is to sell a brand. There are over 1.7 billion websites in the internet. Thats why you should put effort in yours to make a difference. The fact that e-commerce is a tool to maximize our reach has its own benefits and detriments. Because can attract a lot of visitors and buyers to your page, but also gives variety to the costumer, so the website has to be the best to people choose you.

You need to innovate with your brand, but first of all, your website design has to be the correct one. This different types of websites can provide you a clue of were to start building your business page. This are the main types:

  • Branding Website: Its goal is to make a site that sells products or services of one business person. This is the most common type of website, because gives you the opportunity of building it around your brand.

    To maintain the attention in your website, you need to identify your target market. By keeping posting in your site you can see what type of content has more views and you can keep track.

  • Online Retailers: These are bigger stores, where you can buy different brands of the same type of product. Like clothing, outdoors supplies or eve furniture. This retailers are very common and easy to use for you as a buyer. As a seller, you can be a target in this websites only if your brand is big and recognized.

  • Affiliate Websites:  You can create a website where you sell or buy any type and any brand of product in exchange for commission. This websites are designed to attract a large traffic of visitors that buy with this websites as a third party.

  • Marketplaces: Individual entrepreneurs list their products for sale. You don’t have to be a brand or a business to sell, you can do it by yourself.

    The most popular examples of this type of website includes Amazon and StockX.

To attract visitors…

There a few tips that you can follow to attract more visitors to your website. Is not the quantity of content as its quality. First of all you need to understand the SEO and how to increase the number of visitors in a more organic way. Putting effort on your SEO can increase the visibility of your brand, attract an specific target and helps you over the competition among others.

In addition to the SEO you can:

  • Add buttons to shop in your website at the end of each post: The best time to ask to take action is just after they’ve fished reading your post. By giving them a reason to stay in your website, it’ll be more interest in consuming your product.

    If you provide a service do the same thing but with a button of “make an appointment”.

  • Customize your welcome and thank you pages: By doing that, your visitors will be more engaged with the brand and they’re more likely to take action. One disadvantage of the e-commerce is that making a personal treatment with the costumer is harder.

    Therefore if your website is designed to give a more personal experience, the visitor will feel committed to the brand and will probably buy something.

  • Reduce page loading time: One of the most common reasons to leave a website is the loading time.  You can easily reduce this by doing image compression in your media. This can reduce the size if the image  if they are unnecessary large. Also by reducing your redirects, and putting only the most important one.

There are multiple benefits from developing a website. You can make profit and improve your credibility. Enlace your online presence by building a strong relationship with the market, promoting your business in a very efficient way.

Don’t forget to keep track of your business in real time through analytics. The key indicators of business performance in the internet include number of visitors, page viewers, the time they spend in the site and the quality content that you post. People need to know the brand, to make the shopping experience more personal. Theres noting like feel recognized so to make that experience different than others use Social Media to attract visitors with more interactive content.