As the name says it “Social Media” started as something for socializing and connecting people around the world. It is until recently that it has become a business tool and a marketplace for branding companies and people themselves. We have turned social media from what used to be employed for interacting with others, into a powerful tool where now if a business is not present in the online community it is at a loss.

Social media is a very important part of the marketing process of any company, wether it’s a start-up or an already well-established one. Community management and social media presence is subject that must be addressed given the time we are living in and the power of the internet.

The issue most clients mention is that they don’t even know what to post on social media for their company, and there is an audience the size of the global population out there and they have no idea how and with what to approach it. This is why we have a strategy to do this, a trial and error process that begins as follows…

What’s your Brand?

The first step to know what to post to social media for your company, is that you will make a list of all the services and / or products your company sells. Then you will add to that list other important elements that make your company, like the colors of your brand, your style, your voice, and your values. Concrete examples of this would be if you have a serious corporate style or a joyous relaxed one, this can apply for your voice too; or if you are an all eco-friendly “green” company that would be part of your values.

Step one to know what to post on social media is to know what makes your company’s personality and services so that based on this you can brainstorm ideas that represent you on the following step.

Establish the Type of Content Based on Your Niche

Based on the ideas you have written before, you need to ask yourself of: what content represents this? Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean the type of content; meaning photos, videos, designs, etc. You will need to come up with the categories of content you can use the types of content in. For example a list of categories can be: educational, values, services, about us, testimonies, quotes, etc.

Within those categories you can start browsing for ideas of content to start generating, wether you want to use a video always for testimonies, or if an educational post will have a certain format, etc. Also it is very important that this is based on the social media platform you wish to pursue, as it will vary depending on wether it’s Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, etc… What we recommend is that you make a general list and then decide what will go into each of these platforms.

Make a Calendar & Create Hashtags

Step 3 is about when to post, since now you have more clear parameters of what you will be posting. This will depend on steps 1 and 2, since depending on what you sell and the type of content that you will use. This can be maximized based on a specific time of day, and it varies according to the country, audience and services you have. The best way to know this is by googling it, there will be some research done by other people already that you can take advantage of. If not, you can conduct your own experiment. If there is no information out there for when it is best to post you can try to post one month in the morning, and then one month in the afternoon, then at night and based on the results (likes, comments and follows) you are seeing you can know for your market when it is best to post.

Also let’s not forget the hashtags. There are apps and websites you can use to find the most popular, the most followed and the worldwide trending hashtags. Some are free and others aren’t. The value of hashtags is that it will help the algorithm put your content on other peoples home pages whose interest align with what you are posting, maximizing the probability of a like, a comment or in the best case: a follow!

Closely Analyze Results and Try Again!

Because the world of social media marketing is still being built upon, and it is also an extremely dynamic-ever-changing environment, there are very few things that are set on stone. Therefore most of the things that are done are still based upon “trial and error”. How we like to apply it in this case is that if you are doing something in this process that is not giving your company good results, then go back to step one and start again! As we mentioned, the social media world is very dynamic, so if you need to change something again: do it! Be creative, innovative and bold when it comes to this because it will most likely be what will get you the most response and results.

For starting young companies it is easier for them to begin their voyage into social media, where as for some older more established enterprises it can be tricky business. This is why at MediaCenter we carefully follow each of these steps to create the best social media posting strategy for our clients, because we have seen time and again that it is reliable and delivers results!