¡MediaCenter is a content marketing agency, therefore we have to stay on top of our game for generating valuable content online frequently. It is a very important part of our day-to-day, so we have come up with a simple system of 4 tips to always make sure we are generating useful material constantly for ourselves and our clients. You might need this for work or for yourself, either way we recommend keeping in mind these tips for creating valuable content online…

The Tips:

1.Have a Strategy

“Why?” is the very important question. We always communicate with an intension, wether it’s just a basic conversation or a presentation at work: there is always a motive behind a message. If you have your intensions clear you will know the best way to communicate in order to have the impact you desire. Having a strategy for creating valuable content is crucial, and the strategy you build will be based on the media (social media, blog, website, magazine, ads, etc), the audience, the objectives and the product you have. So you see, a big part of creating content is not just spent on creating it but the thinking before it will make a change.

2. Understand your Audience

This are the basics of communication: transmiter, receptor, and message. If you are going to talk to a person in a language they don’t understand, then you aren’t communicating efficiently. The content you create is a message waiting to be received by your audience, so you have to make sure that you deliver the message in a way that is understood and has the impact that you want it to have. Therefore, understanding your audience means, that you know their wants, needs, language, etc. In marketing this is called a buying persona, or a target audience. Once you understand the people you are going to talk to, you will know what kind of valuable content to create.

The key to creating valuable content is to remember the three parts of the process: before, during, and after. If you keep these three in mind, you will be making beneficial material all the time. 

3. Improve your skills

The internet world is constantly updating, creating new trendy social platforms or innovating in new types of content. This is why staying up to date and improving your skills is a good habit to have for creating valuable content. It is also a good habit to have in order to better yourself as a professional! An example of this is TikTok: two years ago this platform had it’s boom, and eversince it became an tool for business owners ranging from the real estate world to medicine.

The different type of videos posted here even created a new video trend called “transitioning” which is an effect of continued movement within different shots that makes it seem like they were done at the same time. Learning how to do these, is a new skill that most content creators had to do in order to be a competitive producer in the market.

4. Be Constant & Updated

When people subscribe, follow or purchase the content you create it means that they are interested in seeing what you do, therefore you will have to provide frequent content for them. Here’s the trap: if you start creating content just for the sake of creating content and supply your audience, you will lose them. This is because you don’t create it with a value, therefore always remember the points mentioned above to stay frequent on the valuable content that you create. It is not about the quantity but about the quality.

Besides staying up to date in skills it is important to stay updated in news that are related to the content you create, in case you will have to post something about this. It is a very important part to generating valuable content because you will post about what’s going on in the media and this will be helpful for your audience.

Most people believe the key to creating valuable content is limited to the quality in the during phase. When the key to creating valuable content is to remember the three parts of the process: before, during and after. If you keep these three in mind, you will be making beneficial material all the time. In this article we have talked about the before; for the during wether you are writing an article or creating a video you will have to follow special steps for each of these processes based on the type of content you are creating. But if you add these steps in the before we assure you that you will be creating valuable content all the time.