eCommerce is the trend of buying online. Its origin data in 1948-1949. And it was created for the exchange of business documents between costumers and suppliers, governments and even legal parts.

It quickly became in what we know and use now. eCommerce has deeply affected our daily life and the way our economy operates. The web is now an interactive medium where you can find everything you need (and don’t need). The human communication has changed and evolved to adapt our life into the new tech era.

With the pandemic, the eCommerce grew in all the ways and it isn’t stopping. According to experts the eCommerce market is not only thriving, but it’s expected that more than 95% of all purchases to be conducted via eCommerce by 2040.

Types of eCommerce

There are different types of eCommerce. And if you want to fully understand how it works and use it in your own business; this is what you need to know:

  • Business-to-business (b2b): This model structure is exactly like it sounds. Operates where business sell and buy products to other companies. The benefits here are only for the companies and the type of product include anything that enhances business practices.

  • Business-to-consumer (b2c): This is the typical structure of eCommerce business. B2c companies are the ones that you visit online and purchase everyday things. Here are include companies like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba… But also includes companies that doesn’t have third parties in between like small business.

  • Costumer-to-costumer (c2c): When one costumer sells a product to another costumer. In this structure, there are third parties involved, like Amazon, eBay, Etsy…that you as a costumer can use the platform to sell any product you want.

  • Costumer-to-business (c2b): This is used when a costumer or individual entrepreneur sells their products or services to business without third parties involved. An example of this can be a social media influencer, business consultant or a freelancer.

No matter what type of structure you are using, the most important thing in all this different models are that they run on the internet, which means that you need a website to have access. Here are the different types of websites.

Types of websites

There are important aspects to take into account when we talk about websites. To run a business that operates in the eCommerce market, you need a website that can help you sell and make a brand. This are the different types:

  • Single Brand Website: only sells the products or services of one business or person. Is the most common type of website for new brands in the eCommerce market. And you can create your website as you pleased but always doing the effort to make a brand that excels in the market.

  • Online retailers: These are bigger stores, where you can buy different brands of the same type of product. Like clothing, outdoors supplies or eve furniture. This retailers are very common and easy to use for you as a buyer. As a seller, you can be a target in this websites only if your brand is big and recognized.

  • Affiliate Websites:  You can create a website where you sell or buy any type and any brand of product in exchange for commission. This websites are designed to attract a large traffic of visitors that buy with this websites as a third party.

  • Marketplaces: Individual entrepreneurs list their products for sale. You don’t have to be a brand or a business to sell, you can do it by yourself.

    The most popular examples of this type of website includes Amazon and StockX.

As you can see, the eCommerce is here to stay. You can make money with a website or make a website to sell your product or service. The important thing is to use the internet platform to have a higher reach of possible buyers. Or to find everything you need in the comfort of your home.

eCommerce is booming right now because of the circumstances. Online shopping mix convenience with comfort, thats why you should move forward with this market and start making money with this trend.

To have a better traffic of buyers or visitors in your website, there are important aspects to take into account like the SEO and the digital content you post, click here to read more about it.