Since technology arrives, people and everything around them, including companies, had to innovate to adapt to a new world. Digital communication became part of everyday life, now to make your company known you no longer need a brochure, or to ask about a service or a product. You don’t even need to call the company; you just have to click on the website and you will find everything you need. A website gives credibility and exposes your brand while organize your information.

This became more common a year ago when the world turned its gaze even more to technology due the Covid -19 pandemic. What was previously unimaginable to do it via a screen is now possible. We were used to visiting stores or companies to acquire a service or buy a product because before we needed to see it. Now websites allow us to visualize what we expect to buy in quality images, almost identical to reality.

Most of the time the people who visit your website are having contact with the brand for the first time. You must be clear about certain information on your main page. You should never forget:

Adding your address
Personalized email
Upload high quality images
Social media profiles
Write a description of your products/services
Phone number

Steps to have a website

Establish the idea of the website: defining a theme helps to set the objectives and a design line that fits with them. It also helps to search similar sites for positive ideas.

Register a domain name: a creative name that catches the visitors attention will make it easier to find it in the search engine. It is useful to use a domain checker, analyze the domain name option and choose the best option. The “.com” domain is always the most popular.

Buy a web hosting: choosing the best web hosting will depend on the size of what you want to do according to the first step. There are three types of hosting.

  • Shared hosting is for starters if you don’t expect a lot of traffic at the beginning.
  • Cloud hosting works for companies that depend on the uptime of their site. If you are looking for high definition, but without technical complexities.
  • VPS, which gives you root access and freedom to build your own bases.

Choose a platform and create a website: you can choose between content management systems, e- commerce scripts, website builders and websites developed by you.

Publish, grow, monitor and improve: know your passion to enjoy what you do, Evaluate the market, know what people are looking for. Analyze the competition, get new ideas to know how your website will be seen. Create a plan with ideas to keep a content schedule.

How to have a succesful website that gives credibility

  • Good programming code is key to maintain loading speed.

  • Have a positioning strategy – SEO. The website has to appear in the firsts results at the searching engine (like google) so people can see it.

  • A website must have an adaptation to its use in different technological devices like tablets, cellphones or computers.

  • The design must be user- friendly. Keep the corporate image, colors and typographies.

  • Visualize your web with a commercial approach, since it is intended to sell. Include quality photos and videos that engage the customer.

  • Add buttons and contact forms that create an interaction between the company and the customer.

Benefits of having a website

Increase the reach of your business. Due to the fact that they will not only be able to know about your brand through physical media and social media, but also through the search engine.

If you have a good website, it gives a more professional image to your company. Therefore, consumers feel more confident to purchase your services or buy your products. They feel supported by a website and its content.

A website increase sales, it’s like having a branch open all the time. People can learn more about your brand at any time of the day.  This generates leads and sales 24/7.

A good website improves the relationship with the customer if good communication channels are incorporated. Therefore, customer service is another of the advantages of a website. Because you will have direct access to your costumer needs which improves the confidence they have on the product or service that you provide.

The internet is the fastest and most convenient way to find everything we need. Probably if you don’t have a website you are losing potential customers. By going digital you can reach a lot of opportunities that only work when they are tied to the corporate, product and marketing strategies. Digital media become more than a ticking-the-box exercice. They are a powerful set of business tools that achieve the goals at the different levels of a company’s expectations for their brand,  product and their existing and future customers.