If you are considering working with us you will know that we offer our services in packages, each of them are a unique content marketing strategy for your company and what varies is the amount of platforms we will manage and the amount of content created. So you probably wonder:what package do I need? In this case here at MediaCenter we like to break it down into 4 simple steps so you can get the package that will fitperfectly to your companies needs and wants.

Step #1: list your needs

Based on your company’s services and platforms you probably already have a list of needs. These are the neccesities of your company in content platforms that you already use. For example if you have a blog, a Facebook page and an Instagram profile, you can list as a need that you would be interested in our blog curation and community management services.

Step #2: list your wants

Now separately from what your company needs there is what it wants. If you wish to inovate and open a new content platform this would be the list to put it on. For example if you don’t have a blog but wish to open one, we can help you with that and also with creating all the content, having a good SEO and the curation of the starting blog.

For this step you will need to visit our website’s page where we have listed our packages. This is so you can see if based on the list of wants & needs you made, we have any package that covers all of them. If there isn’t don’t worry! You can chose our Custom Made package in which we will tailor-make one for you and your company so we can adapt and better work together to make your company grow.

Step #5: contact us!

Once you have decided if you will use one of our predetermined packages or a custom made you can contact us. We will then initiate the conversation for the onboarding process in which we get to know you, your company, and the goals we will work towards together.

In MediaCenter we are certain that content marketing is the way to approach a targeted audience in order to create short and long term postive effects.  We also believe in creating content with purpose, for which we know that if you decide to work with us it will be a process of growth for the both of us!