Having a Facebook page is a key element in any business marketing plan, it targets a massive audience from a wide age spectrum (just like TV!) and depending on the goals you have you will be able to sell, show your brand and position it too. Because we are aware of the importance of this, we have created the following 5 tips to have a successful Facebook page for your business:

Tips for a Succesful Facebook Page

S.M.A.R.T. Goal

A S.M.A.R.T. goal is one that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. A general goal for a Facebook page would be: to increase brand visibility. Now, the smart goal version of it would look something like this: to increase brand visibility by increasing the number of likes / followers on the page and the number of page views by 5% each month. This goal contains all the letters as it is specific, has the measure by which it will be measured (followers and page views), it is attainable but not too easy and it is time based (each month). Some examples of other goals besides brand awareness are: building engaged communities, sell products / services, provide customer service, advertise and also a recent one is to survey an audience for advertising or product building purposes.

Create a Calendar

This will depend on the type of content you will post and the smart goal you set, because if you only wish to provide customer service on this platform then the posting frequency wouldn’t be as much as that of a page with the goal of creating brand awareness and selling products. Engagement and reach can be maximized based on a specific time of day, and it varies according to the country. The best way to know this is by googling it, if there is no information out there for when it is best to post you can try to post one month in the morning, then in the afternoon, then at night and based on the results you can know when it is best to post. Also remember to look for post scheduling tools online so you can program a whole weeks worth of posts without having to worry to be doing it on that day at that time.

Share to Groups

Sharing to Facebook groups is an organic way of reaching more impressions and post engagements (likes, shares and comments). This is because by sharing on groups you reach an audience that is not within your followers, therefore you have the possibility of retaining more new followers and having a bigger reach. Also, it is free! We recommend looking for groups in the area you work in, wether it’s real estate, beauty, etc. Find some groups, request to join them and start sharing your posts there!

Response Rate

When you visit a Facebook page you can see the response rate, meaning how long they take to answer or even if they do. It is very important that you have a fast time response rate because this way when a person looks for your page online and wishes to contact you and they see that your response rate is 2 days, they will lose interest and this could be the loss of a potential client. Also, as mentioned before: if one of your goals is to provide customer service on this platform then you have to have a good response rate.

Study Data & Analytics

It is very imporant that you get a monthly report on the Facebook activity of your page in order to know if the plan you have made is successful. This can be done by using other platforms, and it can be specially beneficial if you use other social media like youtube, instagram, linked in, etc because it links them all together to see the data for them in one report. Looking at results and seeing if the smart goals established have been met, you will know if your plan is the most appropriate or if you will have to re adjust it for the next month to reach it.

Another key element we have not mentioned yet but will not go too deep into is the type of content you post. For knowing what to post on your Facebook page you will have to do an analysis of the goals you have set and see what type of content will help you reach it, categorize it and create a calendar for it. If you wish to read more about this you can do so here. This way you will be able to build the perfect content marketing strategy for a successful Facebook page and reach your goals!