For most journalists, writters, and other professionals in the area of communication the ability of writting a successful article is a necessary day-to-day skill. This is because wether you work on an online blog, newspaper, magazine or any other platform where articles are needed, most articles undergo a checking process that usually puts your writting under a magnifying glass in order to find any mistakes. This is for the common good though! Because once an article is published, thousands of people online will be reading it and as a publisher we like to avoid typos, unclear sentences / paragraphs, unecessary information, and other common mistakes.

At besides having our own blog, we also manage and curate blogs for other companies on many different areas; therefore we have plenty experience in successful article writing, which is why we would like to bring to you the following 5 tips if you are a begginer!

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Article

Have an Idea / Argument: before you begin writing you need a clear idea of what you are going to write about. This is because based on that idea you will have to do the research, divide the article into sections, and basically build an article that supports this main argument or idea. The idea / argument can be as simple as one sentence or a theme, take this article for example: the main idea is tips for writting a succesful article, then based on this we were able to research the information and build everything.

Do the Research: now that you know what you will write about then you can start gathering the information to either prove it or support it. It is important that you know that for a successful article the sources are really important, so be careful where you grab your information from so it is strictly veridical.

Make a Draft: A draft looks very different for different people, for some it may be making a little drawing of how the article will be built with main key words to now what will go on each paragraph, for others it’s about the introductory sentence of each idea or writing the whole article in a draft. You will need to find what goes better with your process, but always make a draft!

Make the Article! Now comes the “second draft” where you write and develop the “real” article. This will have complete paragraphs, arguments and will include all the research done in Step 2. Also include images, videos, animations (if it’s an online article) so that the article will be visually appealing to the reader, and an “easy digest”. It is important to put the ideas clear and make it grammatically correct.

Read it, Correct it and Publish it! Review the second draft yourself or ask someone you trust to do it for you and send you all errors and comments to make all the corrections. It is important you do the changes yourself, this is so you learn about these areas of improvement and hopefully on the next article you avoid them and keep an eye out for them too. Once you have done all the corrections then you can send in your article to your publisher or publish it yourself if you can!

Now that you have all our tips for a successful article we want to also mention the most important one: practice and focus. Writing can be a tricky ability, specially if you are not focused when you write -hence the first tip to have a main idea to focus on! And practice makes the master, so if you are starting to write we also recommend to practice: write for fun, write more articles so you get the hang of it, and also read more articles to learn what other people are doing. This will help you become a fine writter and a successful article machine!